Cara Cepat Menghafal Kode Morse

Morse code is a letter that was created by Samuel Morse in wartime ancient times, news Delivery Morse is a bustling ancient times using a wire. there are some QUICK TRICK MORSE memorized. In the early days of its use Morse code is used for sending messages between two places separated by using radio technologies CW (constant wave).
Morse code is still included in the radiotelephone guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), although only used in certain circumstances. Civil cruise also still use Morse code to memorize long distance communication.

Morse adalah sebuah huruf kode yang diciptakan oleh Samuel Morse pada masa perang zaman dahulu, Pengiriman berita morse zaman dahulu yang ramai adalah menggunakan telegram. ada beberapa TRIK CEPAT HAFAL MORSE. Pada awal-awal penggunaannya kode morse dipakai untuk pengiriman pesan antara dua tempat yang terpisah jauh dengan menggunakan teknologi radio CW (constant wave).          In Morse code Memorization of me is to know the shape of the letter
for example, the letter A =. - now let's see A bud is point and could slash is interpreted strip.
examples of how to memorize the Morse code with easy example is the letter H = .... let's look at the four points there are some points in the letter H.

Now please understand himself how to read and memorize the Morse letter quickly.
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